Mysore University

Message From The Chairpersons

Dear Participants,

On behalf of the Organizing Committee we are looking forward to welcome you to Mysuru for the 62nd International Annual Conference of Association of Microbiologists of India (AMI) which takes place between 21st-23rd of September. The conference is jointly organized by the University of Mysore in association with CSIR-CFTRI, DRDO-DFRL, KSTA and JSS-AHER. The main theme of the conference is ‘Microbes and Society: Current Trends and Future Prospects(MSCTFP-2022)’. The event is taking place in hybrid mode which can be attended through online virtual platform and in person at Vijnana Bhavana, University of Mysore, Mysuru, Karnataka, India.

The focal theme of the conference is Microbiology and Society. The theme of the conference is a message of empowered optimism as we enter the year 2022, which will be dedicated to crafting our future.

Microbes and their activities have a large and unexpectedly profound impact on human health and well-being, as well as the functioning of the entire biological world and the planet’s atmosphere. The life support system of the biosphere is made up of microbial resources that work along with the Sun. There are many misconceptions about microbes, and they can be dangerous if they aren’t swiftly dispelled by the general public. There are a lot of microbes that have no effect on our life, but there are also a lot of useful microbes and a few that are hazardous. It’s the pathogens who get the most attention and are the most well-known. Though we need to depict microbes as our buddies, they may also assist us solve key challenges like enhancing food production and the beneficial aspects to society. This necessitates their inclusion in day-to-day decisions as well as those made at all levels of community, national, and global health. Microbiology literacy, on the other hand, is poor among the general public and decision-makers, in contrast to other areas with a broad impact on society, like as health, economics, and transportation, which are well-understood.

The Present International conference encompasses and facilitates the discussion on different aspects of microbiology in the major sectors such as food, agriculture, pharmaceutics, and industry.

The forum will facilitate the exchange of the most recent technical information, the dissemination of high-quality research results on the issues, the presentation of new developments in the field of microbiology, as well as the discussion and formulation of future directions and priorities for a better society.

The conference has invited several renowned speakers across the globe and we hope you all find the event to be both educational and entertaining.

Dr. S. Chandra Nayak

Professor & Coordinator
Vijnana Bhavan University of Mysore, Mysuru

Dr. S. Satish

Professor & Chairman
Dept. of Studies in Microbiology Vice - President , AMI Mysore Chapter University of Mysore, Mysuru