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Poster Presentations

Guidelines for Poster Presentation: Poster should be prepared in advance and should be brought in person by the participant. The size of poster should be 0.75 m (Width) × 1.0 m (Length). Poster should be legible from a distance of 1-2 m.

E-POSTER as well as offline presentation on various themes of the conference. The details are as follows:

Poster size and orientation

All posters to be set in portrait style orientation and all information (i.e. Text, data, photos, and figures) must be designed to appear within one window / slide. If poster is designed in MS PowerPoint, All information must appear in ONE (1) slide only. Use Page Setup and choose Slide Size: “Custom (Width 20 in, Height 35 in) “with a Portrait (Vertical) orientation. Font size minimum 24 pt to be used. Save Poster PPT in PDF format (PDF Size limit 10MB) for submitting.

Content of the Posters

1. ORIGINAL Research Work (a declaration from the authors will be required)
2. Posters should include a title, name and affiliation of the all the authors.
3. Content should be appropriately sectioned. The title and subheadings should be written in bold. Multiple fonts should be avoided. Poster Font size: ≥16.
4. At the footer/bottom part of the poster, it should be noted: Presented at 62nd Annual International Conference on Microbes & Society : Current Trends & Future Prospects


  • Submission of video explaining the poster/work is compulsory.
  • Presenting author name should be bold and underlined. It is mandatory for the presenting author to register for the Conference.
  • Other authors may register. Certificates will be issued to all registered authors of each poster presented in the conference.

LAST DATE OF ABSTRACT SUBMISSION: before 1st September 2022

Abstract Submission is now OPEN. Visit :

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